Formulated from 100 % environmentally-friendly and biodegradable raw materials, Magna Cleaning and Maintenance Products are optimal performers-however, unlike other chemical solutions, our products are developed with both the customer and the environment in mind. We integrate the latest technology and innovations into our products which enable them to perform in a vast array of application and environments.

Magna is a leading developer of cleaning and maintenance solutions, and has a line of over 200 cleaning and maintenance chemicals which include water treatment, aerosol products, fuel oil treatment and specialty chemicals.

Today's preventative and maintenance methodology comprise of chemical cleaning, corrosion prevention, fuel oil treatment, and water treatment as well as specialty chemicals has challenged the traditional and most commonly used method where it eventually will deliver cost effective in all aspect of the process of the production.

PT. Magna Indonesia present The Magna Modernization Cleaning and Maintenance Program which is combined Chemical Cleaning and Mechanical Cleaning by using our latest innovation specialty blend Magna Chemical, fortified with modern tools, equipment and accessories and facilitating by our professional technical engineer and our exclusive workshop, supported by an-in-depth knowledge of regulatory trends and impacts with solutions to ensure that our clients will receive the greatest benefit for the cost they spent.

The Magna Cleaning and Maintenance Program also come with its famous innovation of safety advantages by focusing on the safety of the workers, safety of the metals and safety of the environment.

Cleaning and Maintenance Chemical Product List
•  Magna 11TC Tank Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 100 Hard Surface Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 102D Solvent Degreaser Download PDF
•  Magna 106 Alkaline Degreaser Download PDF
•  Magna 107 Heavy Duty Degreaser Download PDF
•  Magna 113 Inhibited Acid Scale and Rust Remover Download PDF
•  Magna 114 G Stainless Steel Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 116 Decarbonizer Download PDF
•  Magna 118 Paint Stripper Download PDF
•  Magna 119 Varnish Remover Download PDF
•  Magna 230 General Purpose Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 260 Bona Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 500 Alkaline Coil Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 500AC Acid Coil Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 500SR Self Rinsing Coil Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna 600 Lavender Blue Download PDF
•  Magna Big Blue Solvent Degreaser Download PDF
•  Magna Fruit-Kleen Download PDF
•  Magna Grime Buster Waterless Hand Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna Husky Oven Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna Maxifoam Concentrated Pressure Wash Download PDF
•  Magna Mega Wash FD Electric Motor Cleaner Download PDF
•  Magna Red Powder Descaler Download PDF

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