Beyond quality products and client commitments, we also offer an array of support services that will allow you to focus on your core business activities:

• Safety advantages chemical products by focusing on the   safety of the workers, safety of the metals and safety of   the environment.
• Market oriented and guaranteed product availability.
• Product quality consistency.
• Backed up by comprehensive support facilities and   competently trained service engineer.
• Fortified with modern tools, equipment and accessories.
• 24 hours emergency call during the project, trouble   shooting or emergency case.
• Supported by our exclusive workshop and laboratory.
• Use of a flexible system of chemicals treatment resulting   in greater effectiveness.
• Thorough analysis of existing problems.
• Risk-based, cost-effective, practical solutions.
• Hands-on experience and management tools to get the   job done right, on time, and within budget.
• Careful planning to prevent future problems.
• Safety planning and compliance.
• Satisfactions guarantee to achieve the scope of work and   the acceptance of approval.
• Evaluation and Documentation of the projects.

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