We invite you to examine our value carefully and consider the advantages of a modernization cleaning and maintenance program that removes financing as an obstacle and eventually increase efficiency in the overall process and profitability.

PT. Magna Indonesia is in a unique position to help the client to increase profitability by improving the efficiency of the facilities with minimum cost involved.

The Magna Modernization Cleaning and Maintenance Program is both innovative and far reaching. It combines Chemical Cleaning and Mechanical Cleaning Methods to increase the efficiency of the equipment facilities and also focus on the safety advantages to the workers, metals and environment.

The objective is quite simple: If the equipment facilities are already clean from scale, carbon or any deposits, the facilities will run smoothly, and the result is increasing the efficiency of the facilities and simultaneously will increase the production that translates into higher profitability.

Having the facilities already been cleaned, Magna with the modernization and cutting edge technology in prevention and maintenance methodology also provide other products and services that are closely related with all facilities that are already been cleaned such as Fuel Oil Treatment Management Program, Water Treatment Program, V.C.I Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor Program as well as many others.

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