Global Corrosion Problem

Nowadays, one of the major problems that always faced by most industrial is the occurrence of corrosion on equipments where this situation cause direct and indirect negative impact on that particular industry such as:
• Decrease in the equipments' performance.
• Shorter equipment's life span.
• Shorter maintenance period.
• Increase maintenance cost.
• Increase down time cost.
• Increase labor cost.
• Increase production cost.
• Increase in spare parts cost.
• And others negative impacts that are caused   by the process of corrosion.

Besides the above mentioned negative impacts that most faced by the industrial, the slightest occurrence of corrosion on the industrial equipments can cause changes in their technical performance, affect their reliability in practice and may result in decreasing in their efficiency where eventually resulted in time and profit loss for the company.

In practice, most of the industrial equipments are continually being used, continually being in progress and some of the equipments are located on the least accessible areas creating problem in the maintenance process which therefore it is of paramount importance to provide products with high reliability, easy application and quick mobilization to protect them from corrosion process while at the same time maintaining their original technical properties with the least maintenance cost and time.

In addition, the specific conditions of protecting industrial equipments in high humidity climate and diversity of material call for special quality corrosion inhibitor products to give protection of industrial equipment against corrosion.

Understanding the cause of corrosion is essential, as the price to remedy corrosion incidents increases exponentially with delay. According to a study released by US Federal Highway Administration, entitled Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies in the United States, in 2002, nearly all the US industry sector associate direct costs with corrosion. The study states in 1998, approximately $276 billion (approximately 3.1 % of US gross domestic product) was lost due to corrosion.


The Magna International Group of Companies developed the most advanced and environmentally safe VCI - Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor technology known. We call it “VAPPRO®”.

VAPPRO® stands for Vapour-Phase-Protection, which is the foremost state-of-the-art technology in Corrosion Prevention available today.

VAPPRO®'s innovative VCI technology has earned the recognition and confidence of its customers world-wide; ranging from the electronics to the automotive industry; and from the packaging industry to the most prestigious computer industry.

VAPPRO®'s products conform to U.S Military specifications. The superior quality, integrity and cost-effectiveness of our products has earned the company several major long term contracts in the military field around the world.

VAPPRO®'s international success can be accredited to the ingenuity and commitment of our research and development team. Their ongoing studies continue to create new products, while improving on existing ones, for this very competitive and demanding 21st century market.

VAPPRO VCI is cost effective. No surface preparation is required for application. No labour intensive clean up costs are required as with conventional oil coatings. VAPPRO VCI is fully recyclable, eliminating all waste disposal costs.
VAPPRO VCI provides total protection of multi metals. One product is all you need to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Application is simple and safe. VAPPRO VCI protects all recessed and non-contact areas. It is non-toxic and recyclable, alleviating health and environmental concerns.
Protected parts are ready for immediate use. The layer of VAPPRO VCI protection does not need to removed or degreased. No further preparation is needed before processing or installation.
VAPPRO VCI available in multiple forms for each unique application. VAPPRO VCI protects products of all sizes, ranging from large container shipments to miniature electronic components.


•  Electrical Panels
•  Computers and Telecommunication equipment
•  Electromechanical controls
•  Electronic enclosures
•  Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and
   Military equipment
•  Machine and Mechanical parts
•  Heavy industrial equipment
•  Motors
•  Tools and Instruments
•  Pipelines
•  Mining, Oil and Gas Field

•  Copper
•  Cast Iron
•  Aluminium Alloys
•  Zinc
•  Magnesium Alloys
•  Brass
•  Cadmium
•  Silver
•  Copper-Nickel Alloys
•  Stainless Steel
•  Carbon Steel
•  Galvanized Steel
•  Aluminized Steel

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